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Holiday 2016 Featured Painting

Video: Vintage Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving.

Vintage 1980’s Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Special at Turkey Hill.  Her fastidiousness & great taste existed way before her fame. One of the greats at home & entertaining, this reminds me of my Mother.

There's Always Room At This Man's Table.

A touching quick read about a man whose personal mantra is “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.”

Vintage Recipes: The Worst of the Worst!

A funny look at vintage recipes that should definitely NOT be included on your holiday menu.

Three Hour Medley of Christmas Music

Turn on the Christmas music the minute turkey dishes are cleared? Click here for a playlist of more than 60 Christmas songs by Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Pavarotti, Sinatra, Andy Williams, Aretha Franklin, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Here It Is! Triple Layer Cracker Toffee Bars Recipe

Here is that easy cookie recipe that everyone loves! Make them NOW!

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